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Our Philosophy

Yule Tree Farm is committed to protecting Oregon’s natural resources for future generations as we raise some of the world’s most beautiful Christmas trees.

We’ve been grow high quality trees in an innovative and sustainable way for over 50 years

Yule Tree Farms takes every step to sustain our land for future generations. Our efforts have been recognized by the Oregon Department of Agriculture and the Oregon Water Resources Department. We are also a prime mover of the Coalition of Environmentally Conscious Growers, a not-for-profit 501 (C)(6) organization dedicated to environmentally-sound farming practices and consumer education. The coalition’s main priority is to protect Oregon’s natural resources by taking special care in all our farm operations.

Every Yule Tree Farm Christmas tree that ends up in homes or commercial establishments across the U.S. and internationally have been certified as having been grown under stringent environmental criteria. The intent of the certification process is to ensure that growers are utilizing sustainable growing practices in

 the production of Christmas trees. Trees are certified based on elements of riparian/wetland management, soil and water conservation, nutrient management, site selection, pest management, worker safety and protection, biodiversity and consumer education.