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Our History

From our first harvest of 500 trees way back in 1970, Yule Tree Farm currently ships approximately half a million real Christmas trees across the U.S. and internationally every year.

For over 50 years now, we’ve been raising some of the world’s most beautiful Christmas trees!

While we began planting our trees in 1964, Yule Tree Farm was formed in 1970 by producers and investors with the idea that a quality tree at a fair price was a viable plan for a Christmas tree farm operation.

During the early years of our existence, our trees were individually string-tied and loaded into open trucks and hauled to our customers. As the business grew following the overwhelming support of local customers, the company invented a machine for palletizing trees into large bundles of unstrung trees. This made loading and unloading of the semi-trucks much faster for us and for the receiving stores. Pretty soon, we were shipping our trees to other states and even internationally.

To date, Yule Tree Farm has expanded its operation across 3,000 acres of farmlands in Oregon’s prime Christmas tree growing region. All our trees are found within 45 miles of Portland, Oregon. 


Yule Tree Farm produces three species of fir trees—the Noble, the Douglas and the Grand. Sizes range from Noble Fir table tops at 2 to 4 foot up to 8 to 9 foot Nobles, Douglas and Grands.  A few larger Douglas firs up to 14 feet tall are also available for larger spaces.

real Christmas tree Oregon

“Oh Christmas tree, how lovely are thy branches… Your boughs so green in summertime, stay bravely green in wintertime!”

While most of us have yet to take down the Halloween decorations, Yule Tree Farm is already in full swing, hard at work harvesting half a million Christmas trees that will adorn homes in Oregon and all across the US—and even overseas—every holiday season.