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We Bring You the Magic of Christmas

One of the oldest Christmas tree farms in Oregon, Yule Tree Farm has been supplying real Christmas trees  to customers since 1970. From mid-November through December 24th, our farm is open to anyone looking to purchase and bring home a real tree for the holidays. We also offer a wide range of real Christmas wreaths, garlands and centerpieces that never fail to bring the holiday spirit to every home in Oregon and everywhere else across the US.

Yule Tree Farm prides in being an all-natural and sustainable carbon-neutral business. Besides ensuring customers a wide selection of charming and delightful trees year after year, we offer post-Christmas tree pickup services that enable us to mulch your discarded trees so we can convert them to nutrients for our newly grown Christmas trees! Our trees and decorations are available on a first-come-first-served arrangement, so we always encourage customers to visit us early to score the top picks.

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YULE TREE FARM presently raises three species of fir trees, the Noble fir, Douglas fir and Grand fir. Sizes range from young Noble fir table tops at 2 to 4 feet all the way up to 8-to-9 foot Nobles, Douglas and Grand Firs.  

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Established in 1964

After harvesting our first tree in 1970, we have become one of the five largest and most renowned Christmas tree farms in Oregon and the entire US. Nowadays, we use helicopters to bring trees in from the fields to the landing sites to be loaded in refrigerated semi-trucks and delivered to stores throughout the United States, Canada and Mexico.

Sustainable Practices

All of our trees begin their life as seedlings in a nursery. Before they are replanted, stumps of last year’s harvest are ground and cultivated on each field. All trees collected through our pick-up service are also mulched to provide nutrients for new Christmas trees. We only use organic pest control treatments on our trees to ensure the safety of our customers.

Friendly Atmosphere

We’re more than just a tree farm; we’re also friend and family! Each of our 60 full-time employees (and up to 400 peak-season workers) has a specific role to play in ensuring clients are getting the Christmas tree they love. Our team will always be happy to assist you in finding the perfect tree and decorations for your home every holiday season!

Supporting Local

Need some supplies to dress up your new Christmas tree? Each year, we invite local businesses onsite to exhibit and sell a wide selection of tree lights, decors, stars, baubles, wreaths and more! Our stock is different every year, but we ensure we always have a delightful mix of unique ornaments to make your tree look even more magical.

Christmas Tree Trivia

First thought of as a German tradition, the history of Christmas trees goes way back to the symbolic use of evergreens in ancient Egypt and Rome. Trees and plants that remained evergreen the whole year round found a special meaning for people during the winter months...

Our Christmas Trees

Yule Tree Farm currently grows and sells:

  • Noble Firs
  • Douglas Firs
  • Grand Firs